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Kansas City is home to a growing number of entrepreneurs seeking to dominate in their local market. Some of these individuals want to carry their brand to far reaching online markets as well. The Internet has become the opportune digital landscape where both these goals can ultimately be achieved by those who employ the right online marketing strategies. But, before the dreams you harbor for your company can be truly realized, you need to construct a company website that will attract a steady flow of paying traffic.

This is an important step that cannot be taken lightly. Your company website is the fulcrum upon which your broader web presence will be established. This means that you want this website to stand as a solid foundation that proudly represents your company name and brand. Our dedicated Kansas City Web Design Company–NB Business Consulting Group–wants to help to make sure your company website makes a strong, positive impression on the steady flow of online traffic arriving at your digital doorstep. We have a plan in mind to help your company succeed along these lines.

Planning for a Winning Website:

A truly captivating business website is the result of serious planning. Being the cornerstone of your company’s online marketing efforts, it has to pop in all the right ways to become a profit generating masterpiece. While this might initially sound like a daunting task, we have an approach that makes the process go over both smoothly and painlessly while being the most reliable Kansas City Web Design Company business-owners depend on to bring style and functionality to their company websites. This is why NB Business Consulting Group invites you to check out our other projects to better understand the kind of quality work we bring to the table. But first, let us explain how our website planning process works in detail.

STEP 1: Vision and Strategy

The initial phase of planning out a company website begins with an assessment of the client’s vision. We understand that every client has creative preferences, unique business goals they want to achieve and important technical assets that can be leveraged to get a working model for their company website in place. Sometimes a client does not know where to begin or what direction to head in with their company website. If that is the problem a client is presently facing, then there is no need for them to worry. If necessary, we can help the client develop their vision and discuss how to best approach building their website from the ground up. Alternatively, some clients have even tried their hand at designing a company website only to find it is not performing as well as they would like. In this situation, we assess the client’s pre existing website, look at what their competition is doing and identify ways to optimize their site to vastly improve their website’s performance and overall marketability.

STEP 2: Design

When the client’s marketing strategy is finished being prepared and their vision is carefully articulated, it is then time to use this information to help generate a mock up version of the website to serve as a guide for the client to review. The client can decide to participate as little or as much as they want in this phase of development. Once the client is satisfied with the design for their company website, then the design model is passed on through to the programming phase of the project. This is where NB Business Consulting Group helps the client by doing most of the heavy lifting.

STEP 3: Programming

With the completed design model in hand, one of our experienced programmers will start to code a demo version of the client’s company website. Despite being highly technical, this part of the process moves along at a fairly quick pace. Before long, the client will be asked to review the demo site and provide any essential feedback. This helps to make sure that the programmer is meeting all relevant expectations the client has in mind before advancing to the next phase of the project.

STEP 4: SEO & Content Creation

Our client’s do not simply want a company website, but they want a website that attracts a large volume of targeted leads that will hopefully convert into paying customers. We never forget that our clients are in business to make money—lots of it. To achieve this all-important business goal, we bring in SEO experts that can help with adding custom authority content to the client’s website and who also apply the latest SEO strategies for getting the client’s website to rank high on popular online search engines like Google. This custom authority content provides online traffic with attractive reasons to visit the client’s website, because people inherently search the web for quality information. Companies whose websites lack custom authority content find it difficult to maintain a steady stream of visitors to their site. However, our clients greatly benefit from this additional service that NB Business Consulting Group goes that extra mile to provide as we are the premier Kansas City web design company entrepreneurs have come to trust for delivering top rated website design-related services.

STEP 5: Launch

The final phase of the web design process begins as the client once again reviews the project to their satisfaction. Once they are pleased with the way the web design process has gone, this brings us to the moment when the client’s website is ready to be published live to their domain. At the moment the site goes live, it becomes an active marketing tool which resides at the center of the client’s future marketing campaigns. As a final touch, every page of the client’s website is methodically tested to ensure there are no coding errors to hinder its performance. Each page is also checked for rapid load speed efficiency on computers and mobile devices. Finally, the client’s website is tested to make certain it functions optimally on different browsers to ensure there are no barriers to maximum market exposure in that area of website functionality.

An Experienced Kansas City Web Design Company That Delivers

Among the many business decisions an entrepreneur is burdened with, choosing a highly qualified, experienced, Kansas City web design team is one that requires careful consideration. It is our goal to make that an easy choice for our clients since our company maintains a superb reputation in the web design industry. Furthermore, not every web design team can deliver the lofty results achieved by the experts we have on staff which serve the many needs of our clients with a seasoned, professional air. If you are looking for a company that aims to exceed expectations and stands by their work, then do not hesitate to contact NB Business Consulting Group today. You will be glad you did!

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