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Whether it’s a site we developed, an already existing site, or a brand new site you designed or someone designed for you, we will host it! Hosting your site on our private server ensures its overall security and performance. Our hosting services includes:

  • SSL certificate (marking your site as secure)
  • Cloudflare Protection (keeping your domain, IP, and registration details private)
  • Constant Monitoring to prevent any site downtime
  • Our private servers are better than most of the other hosting providers in terms of speed and performance (faster load time and navigation) 

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that offers individuals and organizations a platform where they can store website files while ensuring they can be accessed online.

You can rent a space on the server space and store your website data there, such as CSS and HTML files. You can also store media content; anyone with an internet connection can access your website.

Web hosts usually provide these website services. Web hosts are businesses configuring, maintaining, and running the physical servers that usually host the websites.

Web hosting may seem difficult; however, it is easy to grasp the intricacies and concepts easily since we’re going to delve further into this topic below.

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What is the difference between web hosting and a domain name?

Web hosting and domain names are usually purchased together; however, they’re different entities.

The major differences between web hosting and domain name include:

• It is impossible to create a website without a domain name; however, you can have a domain name even without creating a website.

• Web hosting refers to where the files on your website are stored. On the other hand, the domain name is the storage location where your website files are stored.

How Does Web Hosting Work?

Why is Web Hosting Important?

What are the Types of Web Hosting Services?

Choosing the Best Web Hosting Provider

The best web hosting services are a necessity to website owners who need good performance and high uptime; this is why you should hire us since we offer quality hosting services, meaning you won’t have to worry about issues such as traffic affecting your website based on the web hosting plan you have chosen. Also, our customer support is available throughout, so if you were to encounter an issue, our team will solve it promptly.

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