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If you are looking to give your business website a major facelift for the better, then a highly responsive WordPress experience can dazzle your customers in ways an ordinary website simply cannot. The most beautiful and functional websites are developed by seasoned professionals. Anything less could easily turn into a marketing disaster for a company while it is trying to do business online. We want to prevent that from happening to your company. Companies that are in business to do it right hire a WordPress website development company to build them a stunning WordPress site that everyone is satisfied with concerning the way it looks, the way it feels and the way it converts leads to sales.

What is a WordPress Development Company?

What is a CMS?

Who Uses WordPress?

WordPress Website Development Process

The WordPress development process we use involves four primary stages as follows:

1. Onboarding

NBBC Group clients are introduced to a project manager who will schedule a call aimed towards discussing the client’s vision for their business’s WordPress website. The team assigned to the project will be there to provide recommendations, ideas and even discuss the creative assets involved in helping the client’s vision come to life within the WordPress environment. In addition, any questions or concerns the client has will then be addressed in a professional manner.

2. Designing

The next phase of the project is to begin designing the client’s website. This process is done in pieces to ensure that the client is satisfied with each step. First the team will do a mockup of the home page. Once completed, the idea will be sent to the client for feedback and approval. Next, we work up a design model for the internal pages of the website. This includes the About Us, Contact Us and other relevant pages. Again, the ideas are sent to the client for feedback and approval. This process continues until the workflow of the website is completely put through the design process to the client’s satisfaction. Finally, once the client gives their approval, the next step is to prepare the website design for the programming phase.

3. Programming

Generally, the programming phase is the longest phase of the project. This is when programmers begin to code the website with all its varied functionality. The more complex the design, the longer it will typically take to render the code that executes that design into a working demo site. Next, a SEO expert then combs over the site to ensure everything SEO-related is being done with best practices in mind. When this is finalized, then the results are presented to the client for review, feedback and approval. If everything is to the client’s satisfaction, then we proceed to the launch phase of the project.

4. Launching

The day the client has been waiting for is finally here. After they approve the demo site, the launch of their new WordPress site is typically live for business within 72-hours. In most cases, the site will be active well before the 72-hour mark.

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Working with the Right Team

In order to get a WordPress site for a business up and running smoothly and on time, this depends on a team of experts with the right experience to make these kinds of technical miracles happen. It is also important to work with the right team to ensure that any repairs or rapid changes a client needs made to their company website will not unnecessarily disrupt the flow of business, but can provide the technical and professional support the client needs as their online business pushes to reach greater levels of online success.

If you are ready to see what our team can do for your company’s WordPress project, then do not hesitate to contact NBBC Group today.

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