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Chicago, IL, known by locals as the windy city, is home to the world-famous Cubs and Bears. It is also a thriving hub where businesses, like your company, seek to grab a piece of the local market. To say competition is fierce is an understatement; yet, this has not deterred your resolve in the least. As an entrepreneur, you are in it to win it. Consequently, this is why you have started thinking it might be time to take your business interests to places far beyond the bricks and mortar stores lining Chicago’s historic city streets to try your hand at competing in the digital arena of online e-commerce.

The one problem that has been holding you back is that you did not grow up spending your time messing around on a computer. You were an entrepreneur through-and-through, learning the tricks of your trade. Your days were spent at tradeshows, sitting in on important business meetings and making deals that stood to turn every dime you invested in your company into a dollar or more. You never really had the time to learn the modern website design and development skills that are required to develop a truly stellar website that would become the marketing pillar of your up-and-coming online business empire.

Not to worry, because NB Business Consulting Group has your back. As with most aspects of business, you know that sometimes you simply have to hire an expert to get the job done the right way. Who better to be in your corner than the one website design company Chicago business owners turn to when they are ready to make their mark on the digital landscape? If you are ready to cross the bridge into the fast-paced world of online business, then contact NB Business Consulting Group to help you build the right website that will serve all your online marketing needs. If, however, you are still a little uncertain how things are supposed to proceed, then please sit back and let us walk you through how our process works in detail.

Planning for Your Company Website

As with any goal, designing a company website will require some careful consideration and thoughtful planning. This is where your bold ideas and our expert technical skills will join forces to make your vision of a fully operational e-commerce website happen. To simplify matters, we will break the process of how we take your company website from a basic concept to operating live on the world wide web into five easy steps.

The process begins by taking a careful look at the underlying business goals you most want to achieve with your company website. This discussion will cover any preferences you have about how your site will look and function. We will also take into consideration any technical assets required to ensure your company’s website performs precisely how you intend it to. In order to make certain your website will help you maintain a competitive edge; we will evaluate what other businesses in your industry are doing online. This will aid our progress in turning your company website into a high-performance marketing tool.

Once we have a clear idea of your marketing strategy, we will employ this information as a guide for designing the functionality of your company’s website. Keeping your vision in mind, we will then proceed to produce a mock-up of the website to submit to you for critical review and feedback. How much involvement you desire to have in this process is totally up to you. When you give your stamp of approval on the design phase of the project, it will then be time to actually begin programming your company’s website.

During the programming phase of the process, a programmer will be assigned to turn the approved design model into a working demo site. It is at this point that you will be able to get a sense of what your company’s website is going to be like. You will also be given the opportunity to review the demo site and give critical feedback on the project.

Now that a basic demo of your website is in place, the next step is to improve the site’s features and functionality as a marketing tool. One area of critical importance is website content. Our professional content authors will generate authority content that will aim to attract an endless stream of traffic to your company’s website. This way, people visiting your site will be impressed with the items they are reading and form a positive opinion of your company.

It is important to understand that quality content alone is not enough to drive traffic to your website. Your site must also be optimized with the latest SEO standards and best practices to be picked up and favorably ranked on popular search engines. The better your website ranks, the more exposure it will receive. Ultimately, the hope is to generate the right targeted traffic to your website that is interested in paying for your products and services.

In this final step of the process, we will be launching your website and unleashing it on the world. We merely await your stamp of approval, and your website will be published to your company’s own personal web domain. Once the website is up and running, there are still a few more tweaks that we must execute to ensure that your company’s website is operating at peak performance. This means that there are three primary quality assurance tests we will be carrying out to ensure you will be satisfied with how your new website performs.

Test 1: Checking your website for errors.Test 2: Checking to make sure that your website loads lightning fast on various devices.

Test 3: Assess how well your website looks and functions when accessed by different browsers. When these tests are completed, then your company can start making money online with its brand-new custom website.

Work with A Website Design Company That Can Really Deliver

It is always a good feeling when you hire the right team that can bring your vision to life. The experts who comprise our team will not only do the heavy lifting your company needs done, but they will do it with unparalleled professionalism and style. This is why NB Business Consulting Group has become the premier website design company Chicago business owners turn to for custom company website solutions. Contact us today to design the website your company needs to serve as the foundation for all its online marketing endeavors.

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