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Starting out, your business website and company-based social media pages are perceived as an insignificant handful of possible stops among an ocean of online destinations. To make matters worse, the overwhelming number of Internet pages which exist are perpetually competing for the same traffic surfing the web. This makes standing out among the crowd a massive problem that requires a highly technical, intelligent solution in the e-commerce world. For most businesses, the few digital pages they control serve to define the greater bulk of their online presence. It is the fittest companies that survive online: those companies who get the required highly targeted, niche specific traffic to their sites and convert leads into genuine sales. Consequently, driving traffic and converting leads are the number one and two problems that every e-commerce business initially faces online, and whether you realize it or not, using the correct search engine optimization techniques and strategies resides at the heart of solving these all-important e-commerce problems.

To attract enough paying customers to one or more of your online destinations, it would normally require spending excessive amounts of cash on major advertising campaigns. Unfortunately, this brute force approach to online sales will often fail to drive the right kind of highly-targeted, niche-specific customer to your business’s web content. Furthermore, paying for massive traffic like that is still no guarantee that the web page(s) representing your company’s brand are optimized correctly to produce a high lead conversion rate. However, it is far more cost effective when large volumes of highly targeted, niche specific traffic arrives at a company’s website in an organic fashion. Plus, it is equally important that the pages potential customers are visiting are further tested, analyzed and optimized to consistently turn a significant amount of these organic, niche specific leads into genuinely profitable sales.

What Does a Company That Offers Search Engine Optimization Do?

Why Hire a Company That Specializes in Search Engine Optimization Services?

What Our SEO Service Encompasses

Understanding your goals –

One of the most important aspects of your working with NB Business Consultants is that we want to understand your company’s unique online challenges, and we also aim to identify the goals which you have in mind that we can help you achieve through the SEO solutions and related technical services that our company provides.

Analysis –

In order to determine where your company stands in terms of rankings with respect to competing businesses, we will dedicate a SEO specialist to the task of gathering this type of critical online data. This will inform us to what steps to take to discern the best SEO strategies to use to push your business-related content to the top of key search engine rankings; thus, inducing greater overall performance for attracting highly targeted, niche specific traffic.

Keyword Research –

Keyword research is the process of determining the kinds of words people are using when they use search engines to look for specific information about a topic. Because your web content will not show up at the top of every search performed on a search engine, building a SEO strategy to get your company’s online content to rank highest with the most relevant keyword entries related to your business’s brand, its products and services is how we help your company to connect with highly targeted, niche specific traffic that is interested in what your company has to offer.

Website Optimization –

When it comes to your company’s website, there are a few areas of interest that simply must be nailed down the right way. Otherwise, all the hard work put in to making your business profitable online will lack critical elements to achieving that outcome. The areas we identify as being of particular interest are as follows:

  • User Experience
    A fatal misstep of many companies is that they assume that their familiarity with their own website means that anyone visiting their website will have the same familiarity and positive user experience the company’s staff derives from visiting the company’s website. Unfortunately, this assumption is generally false. Consequently, we must evaluate the overall user experience of your company’s website. From here, we will help you to see where and how key changes that improves the user’s experience will tend to increase lead conversions and generate more sales.
  • Indexing Optimization
    When a search engine crawls your site, it is sifting through your content and links. As it moves from the main page to other subpages, it indexes the various information and pages which the search engine will eventually get around to ranking. What is important is that we prepare the various pages containing content on your website for this indexing process. Certain SEO steps help to make the indexable pages more suitable to the way a search engine likes to organize digital content.
  • Custom Content
    Never forget that when it comes to SEO standards, no standard ranks higher than high quality, authority content. By allowing our professional writing service to arm your company’s website with high quality, authority content, custom tailored with SEO best practices for your company website in mind, your website’s reputation will take a major leap forward in search engine rankings. It will also make a positive and lasting impression on the traffic which visits your website. This often leads to traffic returning to your website, because they perceive it to be an authority site.
  • InDepth Reporting
    Getting your company website operating within that sweet spot of peak performance—grabbing leads and generating a significant volume of sales—takes careful, laborious monitoring and tweaking to figure out what is truly working and what is not. When it comes to the success of your company website as a marketing tool, our service’s accurate reporting on key website metrics is an essential component to discovering which aspects of your website should be changed and which should remain the same for optimizing overall results.
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Working with the Right SEO Company

Businesses who have websites and social media pages that dominate in their industry do not skimp on SEO. To get these kinds of results, you must work with a highly experienced team of search engine optimization experts who are educated in the latest SEO standards, strategies and techniques that lead to exceptional search engine rankings and marketing success. The good news is that you do not have to go it alone any longer. NB Business Consultants provides you with an exemplary SEO team with the right tools to take your online digital-assets to the next level and beyond. If you are ready to get more out of your company website and other web-based content, then contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company to emerge as a force to be reckoned with in your corner of the online marketplace.

Search Engine Optimization Services We Offer:

Local SEO

  • Local Search Optimization
  • Google My Business
  • Localized Content Creation

Technical SEO

  • Image Optimization
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Website Migrations
  • Schema Markup

SEO Analytics

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Reporting and Insights
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